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There is a massive difference between having a business and truly owning a business. Free resources – let me know where to send the link.

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I turn business owners into profit-building bosses by making them financially and legally literate + helping them implement strategic systematisation

Business literacy is something that most people believe only belongs in Fortune 500 companies. However, it is an important skill that EVERY person in business should know.

So if you squint when your bills come in, or you aren’t sure how to pay yourself, or you think a cliff and vest is some form of rock climbing – you’ve come to the right place.

My mission is to empower business owners like you with business literacy and powerful strategy to help you grow your business and streamline your efforts. Because what I teach you will help you become a smart and savvy business owner.

Ranging from my free material (with epic value) to my paid consultancy, I can guarantee that I can offer you something deeply profound to help skyrocket your success.

What I offer


Courses + freebie swipefiles to help you power up your business

paid resources

My paid resources are low-cost but provide you with an excellent foundation to getting started on a faster trajectory

group or private consulting

For people who want to UPLEVEL – 1-on-1 time with me for massive breakthroughs and growth.

Interested in being personally coached by me? you can send me a quick enquiry, or if you just can’t wait to get started – apply!

Check out some easily digestible nuggets of wisdom!

As a business resilience and growth strategist, I often look at other courses and provide detailed synopsis from a professional point of view. So if I can’t help you, hopefully I can refer you onto someone that can.

All my reviews are given FREE of charge in my blog or you can use the search function to look up a particular course – and if there is one you think I should cover just contact me. I get no affiliate or payment.

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