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We live in an era where fast-paced narratives are filled with drama, conflict, intrigue and suspense – all readily available at our fingertips.  Spielberg could not have written it better himself.

What type of chapter would you like to leave in this world?

About Christie

Christie is known for her high-touch service, attention to detail and ability to forecast trends based on data, research and experience.

With a dual medical and law degree, Christie is renowned for her ability to masterfully research and distil technical details into messaging that resonates with a broader audience.

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The currency of connection is one that is often lacking in many technical niches. Many brand rely too heavily on logical features and end up alienating their audience.

Bold Statement Co. provides support to business and agency owners who require high-impact results from their copy. We strategically align to your core values and organise how your brand is communicated to the world

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