I’m going to show you how simple tweaks in your business finance can reap massive results.

Hi I’m Dr. Christie Martins and I’m on a mission to transform you from burnt out business owner to business literate boss.

I firmly believe in the philosophy that strategic legal and financial expertise is integral to a healthy business. It is my mission to help entrepreneurs avoid costly traps and pitfalls so they can rapidly grow their business.

And yes – I have built award-winning businesses!

Having studied dual medicine/law I went back to university to pursue formal business qualifications. The most experience I have had however has been actually getting out there and doing the hard yards with promising prospects.

I am extremely passionate about women’s representation in STEMM so women in the field can thrive doing what they love.

what do i help with?

I have helped a wide range of businesses and individuals achieve outstanding results.

My main focus is on helping people scale up rapidly. This includes putting systems in place to support you on your journey so that you can stop wasting your time on menial tasks and focus on what you are amazing at.

I also love to work with startups and I go over alot of intellectual property and early stage funding and planning.

Because if you don’t prepare for growth, it just won’t happen.

I review online business courses so you have a better idea what is in them

Considering purchasing an online course from a guru?

Check out my blog for reviews on many online courses! From Tai Lopez, to Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo, I break down and summarise their courses from a professional point of view.



Do you need help planning your career? Caught in the CV arms race? I have some amazing resources for you! If you want individual help I can coach and guide you, as well as help you to find opportunities that you may be glossing over.


I just love startups. From business planning to seeking funding, I have been published in a wide array of media outlets helping give advice on how to get over the initial steep climb into profitability.


Ready to make your business work for you? If you are ready to put in systems that enable you to rapidly expand your business then book a free discovery call and see what we can do.

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