Business values versus branding values

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n order to be able to breach this topic clearly I guess it is only inevitable that we define what business values actually are.

In fact, it’s not what you think – most people assume that business values fall under compassion and kindness, loyalty. There are actually personal values that can be projected into our branding, but they aren’t business values.

Business values are a bit more complex but serve to give stability and structure. Business values are actually about how you run your business. Not kittens and unicorns. 

How can you tell if you are mixing up your branding values with your business values?

Business/ work values are  generally more masculine in nature – strength, focus, resilience, teamwork are just a few of them. Everyone, regardless of gender is capable of displaying these traits. In fact we already do, but perhaps not in the quantity that is necessary in a business.

In general the values used to run your business will serve a very concrete and logical purpose. There are the values that ‘get things done’ and put profits on the bottom line.

Branding values on the other hand are emotive. They cause emotion, these are used to sell things. Products, services. These are meant to make the customer feels good and keep coming back for more.

Why is it valuable to distinguish business values from ones used in branding?

Because what we offer as a business, and how we run our business are two completely different things. Think about it 🙂

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