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hat an incredible honor I have been given to become the UN Ambassador for Social Protection, and yet at the same time I feel so lost. My dilemma is that while I am fully prepared for this role, the most research I do, the more I wish to cover.  It’s an impossible task to find my niche as everyday I find myself contemplating upon something I read in the new media that should be changed about the world we live in.

That is simply because, for the immense amount of beautiful things in the world there are also so many things wrong. This is a point which has been ingrained into me ever since I have become involved with social protection and justice. The UN has always been a place where you can get reliable coverage on social issues and I have been following it ever since my school days where I was involved with a youth UN Ambassadors programme.

All of the articles that I have written have been as varied as snowflakes. Different problems with a multitude of permutations covering our society like a dense blanket of snow. There is a way to get out and every so often we see glimpses of light with small changes. It does not surprise me that progress is so slow. We as humans like to remain comfortable, change is hard and our daily lives are already so structured that to go out of our way for a cause throws us completely out of our comfort zone.

Over the next few days I will be contemplating topics, I have been asked to provide at least 4 however as I laid out previously this seems like an impossible task. Do I remain topical with the #metoo movement? Or do I stick to the traditional topics of health and welfare for those in third world countries? So much to talk about, and such little time!

One day I hope to be able to share my long personal story but for now that is one which is too unfinished to talk about.

All my love 🙂

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