Why it needs to be called a work-life “pendulum” not work-life “balance”

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ost people call it “work-life balance” but this is and inefficient way of time management. In today’s society we are (unfortunately) meant to give 110% in order to thrive. For others, they have to give their 110% to barely survive.

It is pressurising to us on a personal level and at the same time it is disintegrating our social structure.


Because as the demands of living go up, so too do the demands that require us to work harder. Our workforce is filled with millions of ambitious people. This keeps the workplaces competitive and forces us to evaluate our work life balance.

The work-life pendulum is something that has helped many people get over the anxiety of putting work before their personal life and vice-versa. Instead of maintaining work-life balance, the pendulum technique understands that sometimes we should prioritise one thing over another.

A new perspective: The work-life ‘pendulum’

The work-life pendulum in itself is balancing by virtue that in order to maintain a healthy pendulum it needs to swing toward both our work and personal duties equally.

Stop feeling anxious about work-life balance and remember to perceive it as a  pendulum. This will enable you to feel less guilty about how you prioritise your time. Sometimes you will be at your peak performance at work, and when you are at home you can prioritise your personal life.

The work-life pendulum is a great new perspective đŸ™‚

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