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Hi 🙂 I love your green drinks and good-vibes only attitude.

But trust me, if your business isn’t protected by bullet-proof strategy, financial planning and policies your banks and lawyers won’t be accepting payment in either.

Think you’re immune to a business disaster?

Think again.

While mindset is a critical part of business, protecting it is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure that you remain in business for a long long time!

Even the best of us have not been immune to having our business attacked due to a lack of protection. Ever wondered why McDonald’s now needs to write the word ‘hot’ on their hot beverage cups?

Because a person spilt hot drink on themselves causing a very minor burn!

Sounds freakish I know. However their policies weren’t tight enough – and left them open to being sued.

While their loss from the court case was a drop in the ocean compared to their profit, imagine if something like that were to happen to you.

And do you know that Microsoft spend over $11 billion in R&D, with intellectual property protection accounts for a large portion of that spending?

That is HUGE.

This free report goes over the basics of protecting your business. Unfortunately it seems like a tangled web of legal jargon but luckily it isn’t as hard as it seems.

When you are protecting your business there are different types of protection that you will need to consider.

This guide will cover:

– Intellectual property and how it relates to your unique selling point


– Why EVERY business needs a satisfaction policy


– What exactly are terms and conditions and their enforce-ability


– Trademarking and patenting basics


– Calculating risk and the different variations of risk


– Where to go to for legal assistance that won’t cost and arm and a leg (or a kidney…)

And because I want you to be able to implement these things I will also be adding in swipe files and resources so you can take the beginning steps to protecting your business.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

It just has to be done.

Not protecting your business properly has the potential to completely ruin your brilliant idea and send you into debt.

Download my free guide today and get started protecting your business immediately!

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